It is extremely difficult to tape the SC joints down. The skin that covers the area slides all over the place due to the mobility of the arms. I tried wearing a figure of eight brace made by Hely and Weber but it was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t wear it for an entire day. If I had an acute dislocation, I would have a greater reason for wearing it, but I’m simply trying to reduce motion at the joint to allow scar tissue to form. I threw out the idea of wearing the brace and tried to tape it with kinesio tape instead. So far, it feels pretty good, but the tape is more for proprioception than anything else. It lets me know where my scapula are and the forces placed on my sternoclavicular joints. It’s almost like self-bracing, because you feel stretch in the tape if you are out of the optimal position. I’m going to try several different tape applications and then report back to the Director of Education from KT Tape to see if we can figure out an official application. It has been a little over one week and I’m feeling good; five more weeks to go.

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  1. Nigel Reece says:

    How are you taping the SC jt? What pattern? elastic or non elastic tape?

    • Elastic, moderate stretch over joint, no stretch at anchors. Try a star or a strip straight across. You have to experiment to see if it works for you. I gave up on taping due to skin irritation and lack of efficacy. Perhaps the best use of the tape is for scapular proprioception which is an important factor in rehabbing the SCJ.

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